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5 Functional Medicine Tools to Get Healthy & Move Beyond Chronic Illness

If you have ever wanted to get and stay healthy, but have been overwhelmed by how bad you feel and all the information that's out there- this video is for you. 


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You will learn: 

  • Why lab tests aren’t figuring out your symptoms 
  • The types of stress and how to handle them 
  • What 5 pillars are involved in your well-being 
  • The program that can get you back on track 


Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner
American Board of Family Medicine Practitioner


"Dr. Weiler is wonderful. She practices medicine in a holistic way, taking into account everything that's going on in your body and mind. I feel like she really listens to me, I never feel rushed, and I feel like she takes into consideration what treatment options will work best for me, both practically and financially."

"Excellent program!!!! I'm finally seeing the results I've been searching for for years. I have found every step educational, very thorough and inspirational !!! The program is extremely effective and well worth the investment in your health!!!!"

"Dr. Weiler takes the time to help discover the hidden causes of your symptoms. She has helped me resolve my extreme fatigue when other doctors could not. I am very happy to have found Dr. Weiler and look forward to continued success on my path to improved health."

"Dr. Weiler is the kind of doctor that I've always wanted to find. Unlike most doctors she takes the time to talk with you about your concerns and doesn't just dispense medications. She is holistic in her approach. Hooray!!! I love her approach to medicine!!!"